Winter Storms : How You Can Spot Issues

January 26, 2022

When applied correctly, your roof is designed to withstand the elements. Some storms, however, are more intense than others and can cause significant damage. With Richmond’s unpredictable winter weather in full swing,our team at Tredegar Construction has outlined some items to look for, how and when to get insurance involved, and how we can help!

What to look for: First and foremost, be careful and stay safe! Any damage to your roof should be viewed from a safe ground position with binoculars. The only person on the roof should be a certified, insured roofing contractor or an insurance claim adjuster. Any power lines, trees, or other obstructions causing roof issues should be dealt with by a certified tradesman only.

Winter storms: Most issues caused by winter storms are damages from wind and ice. High winds can exacerbate defects such as blisters, neglected termination points, and areas of delamination. Wind can also cause the roof's underlayment or membrane to rip or tear away from the building, removing the critical moisture barrier. Wind may also cause shingles to be blown back in the wrong direction causing creased shingles, which can ruin the structural integrity of the shingle. Freezing rain can seriously damage your roof. This is particularly problematic if ice builds up in your gutter and prevents water from draining properly from your roof. Ice dams can result in one of the worst types of roof damage over the winter. If you’re seeing any of these on your home this winter, don’t ignore them! It’s important to note ice dams and large icicles are usually caused by poor insulation or ventilation. Snow and ice melt on your roof due to the internal heat from your house and melting water that collects in cold areas freezes into a solid mass of ice. These dams can prevent melted water from running off your roof, causing it to pool on the roof, where it can cause leaks.

Potential signs of winter storm damage:

- Missing Shingles or shingles blown askew.

- Shingles that are flipped or have any indication of being creased in the opposite direction.

- Shingles or shingle tabs that have impact damage (often from trees or other items that blew away after impact)

- Brown stains on the ceiling or paint peeling or bubbling on walls can indicate water intrusion from the roof.

- Clogged Gutters

- Debris and ponding water

- Cuts and punctures in the roofing membrane

- Edge metal pulled up

- Damaged perimeter flashing

- Damage to skylights, domes, or flashing


How we can help: Tredegar Construction is an expert at assessing and helping homeowners with roof storm damage in Richmond and the metro Richmond area. If you believe that you have issues with storm damage on your roof, give us a call and we can help decipher between normal wear and tear and damage.Tredegar can also help when working with the insurance company by taking the following steps to ensure the claim is filed correctly.

1.    Assessment of Damages – Once the storm has passed and you're aware of the damage, call Tredegar to schedule a thorough roof inspection. You will also need to contact your insurance provider to schedule an adjuster to examine the damage. Oftentimes, a side-along report of the damage from an independent third-party contractor can be helpful to ensure you've gotten the most out of your claim.

2.    Documentation – Photography of the damage taken by our team is another way that you can ensure you are getting the most out of your claim. Be sure professionals only are on the roof or you are taking photos from the ground.

3.    Repair or Replace? - Tredegar Construction is committed to giving our customers the best value and work for our clients. Sometimes, a partial replacement is all that is needed to get the roof back to watertight and full functionality. Occasionally, an entire roof replacement is needed and required, but we will work with you to ensure you get everything you're due out of your claim.

Remember with your insurance claim:

Whether you're reimbursed partially, fully, or not at all depends on your policy, so check with your insurance company on your coverage if you experience any damage.

Our sincerest hope is that you WON'T need our help this Richmond winter storm season, but if you do have any damage, please lean on us as one of your first calls to make! We will work to have your home back to new in no time!

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