Why Spring and Early Summer in Richmond is the Best Time To Insulate Your Attic!

May 11, 2022

As a resident of the Richmond, Virginia area, you'll know that summer can bring with it a lot of heat and humidity. This is especially true in the attic, and without proper insulation, that heat can take a toll on your home's efficiency.

Why is this? Well, when the air outside gets warmer than the air inside your home, that means the warm air is trying to get in. And if your attic isn't insulated properly, or not insulated at all, you may find yourself using more energy to cool your home down.  

So how do you avoid this problem? You could run the AC all day long to keep the house cool and comfortable—but how much will that cost,and how efficient will it be? Or you could take preventative measures and insulate your attic now. 

The best time to insulate is the off-season—and spring and summer are perfect for this! You don't want to wait until winter rolls around again because there's a good chance it'll already be too late. So if you decide to insulate before summer hits full swing, you'll save yourself money on your AC bill and keep a cooler home during those hot months.

How can Tredegar Construction help? We can provide options that include removing your old insulation, and adding several different options of insulation. We can make recommendations of the type of insulation that would be best for your home! Options include, fiberglass blown-in insulation, cellulose blown-in insulation, and spray foam insulation solutions as well.  

Before you sweat through the spring and summer season while paying super high utility bills, give us a call! We can make your home more comfortable all four seasons!

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