What is Ice & Water Shield and Why Do You Need It For Your Richmond Virginia Roof?

November 10, 2022

Ice and Water Shield is a great way to protect your roof. This product is lightweight, easy, and cost-effective to install and can significantly reduce the risk of water damage. But what exactly is Ice & Water Shield? How do they work? And when should you use one? This article will answer all these questions and more as we explore the benefits of installing Ice & Water Shield on your home's roof.


What is Ice & Water Shield?

Ice and Water Shield is a peel-and-stick membrane that is applied below the shingles and  is required at the roof's most vulnerable areas.  Leak Barriers area powerful preventative defense for keeping roof decking dry. A crucial element to your roof system's protection against moisture, it gives your roof the upper hand against wind-driven rain and ice. By blocking ice and water from creeping past shingles, leak barriers help keep your roof deck dry and can help prevent costly moisture damage. They can also help protect against leaks caused by roof settling and can also help prevent damage during heavy rain storms.

When Should You Use Ice & Water Shield For Your Roof?

Whether you’re installing a roof on a new home or completing a roof replacement, theIce & Water Shield is required at all eaves, valleys, and penetrations.  If a portion of your roof deck has a pitch between 2/12 and 4/12, it can still have shingles, slate, or metal, but it needs Ice & Water Shield to cover the entire roof deck surface with the lower pitch.  This is especially true if you live in certain parts of the United States where severe weather can be a problem. While Richmond and the surrounding areas in Virginia have much more mild winters than the Northeast, the weather is much more unpredictable. There may be a snow or ice storm one week, warm weather the next, and then a bout of cold again. This back and forth of the freeze/thaw cycle can take its toll on a roof and ups the likelihood of issues for your roof. With Richmond's season of severe weather in late summer, vicious thunderstorms and hurricanes can also take a toll on your roof. 

Ice & Water Shield can help maintain your home's overall structural integrity, and more!

Ice & Water Shield is relatively inexpensive, especially considering the protection it offers your roof and the value added to your home. Installation can help prevent moisture stains and mold growth in your roof decking down to your ceilings. Leaks lower the R-value in your insulation, creating higher energy bills. The membrane can counter the effects of ice dams. It can't prevent them—other factors cause ice dams—but it can seal the lower edges of your roof so that if water is backing up behind a dam, the moisture isn't entering the house.


You can save money and protect your home from damage by installing Ice & Water Shield.It's a simple, low-cost addition when re-roofing that will pay dividends over the years. If you're looking for a way to protect your home from damage while installing a beautiful new roof, reach out to us today at the link below!

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