HardiePlank vs. Vinyl Siding Comparison

July 26, 2021

In Richmond, the weather is constantly changing. Each season hits hard, from hot and humid summers, to biting dry winters. While mostRichmonders enjoy the delights of four full seasons, it can be hard on the exterior of your home! When it’s time to replace the siding on your house, we believe there are really only two options for you to decide between, and that is Vinyl Siding or HardiePlank siding. Both of which are amazing options, both long-lasting and durable, both sure to make your home look refreshed and beautiful. With two amazing products, sometimes it can be difficult to decide!We have taken these two great items and broken down the pros and cons to see how does HardiePlank stacks up to Vinyl (and vice versa) in these categories:


Fire resistance

HardiePlank is a cement-based product making it extremely difficult to burn. While not entirely “fireproof,”it is fire resistant and performs well under extreme heats. Vinyl Siding is not as forgiving as HardiePlank when it comes to fire and extreme heat. Vinyl, bynature, will melt in extreme heat, making close neighbor fires (or even a too close grilling station) a hazard for warping. Vinyl siding is treated with a fire retardant to slow the spread of fire, but is not fire resistant. If heat from grills, heating lamps, or the possibility of a neighboring fire is a higher risk for your home, HardiePlank is the route to take.




Vinyl and HardiePlank Siding are both notorious for their long-lasting durability! Impervious to termites, carpenter ants, and woodpeckers, both will last far longer than wood lap siding or cedar shake. Wood and cedar also need regular painting and treatments to stay protected from the elements, which is not required for vinyl or HardiePlank. Vinyl siding, can have some trouble in extreme temperatures. Constant freezing temperatures can make vinyl more prone to cracking and too-close grills can cause heat warping, neither an issue for HardiePlank. Both items could crack on impact of a hard, direct shovel swing. However,vinyl siding is far more flexible than the cement based siding, and easy to switch out panels, making it an easier fix should it get damaged. Bottom line,HardiePlank is much more durable than vinyl, and the James Hardie Warranty makes it pretty difficult to debate. If you’re looking for durability, look no further than HardiePlank.



While both vinyl and HardiePlank are far and away more long lasting than wood and cedar based siding options, the 30 year James Hardie Warranty makes this category easy to decide. HardiePlank siding will last as long as you are in your home (and often far longer!) Making it decidedly the longest lasting option.



Vinyl Siding costs around half of the price of Hardieplank siding in material costs alone. Vinyl can also be installed much more quickly than Hardieplank which is also a valuable cost savings for a homeowner when calculating in labor. Setting aside the cost of potential future repairs, and atypically earlier replacement costs, vinyl is the less expensive alternative upfront.

While you really can’t go wrong between vinyl or HardiePlank sidings, especially when side by side to wood or cedar based sidings, there are certain considerations to make to ensure you’re making the right choice for your time in your home!


HardiePlank Lap Siding


Another situation to consider is the rules and regulations within your Neighborhood or Homeowners Association. Some neighborhoods have specific by-laws or requirements of the look and type of exterior finishes they find acceptable on a home within a neighborhood. If your home is in an historic area, there also may be requirements about the size, color, and type of materials allowed. HardiePlank often checks all the boxes between longevity and the lookyour neighborhood is attempting to maintain, but be sure to request a written set of rules to save yourself from a costly mistake!


Still torn about which type of siding is best for you? Reachout! Our team at Tredegar Construction are experts in the field of siding and can help you make the decision that is right for your home, budget, and specific set of circumstances!

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