Gutter Guards : How They Work and Why You Need Them

October 7, 2021

Uh oh! It’s Autumn and every homeowner in the Richmond Metro area knows what that means… Leaf season! As beautiful as the falling leaves are, and as lovely as the crunch under your feet on a walk is, the reality of what that means for our homes fall maintenance can be daunting. Forget the blowing, raking and bagging, we’re talking about the gutter cleaning! A critical step in your Fall maintenance routine, which often involves a dangerous ladder, but a missed gutter cleaning just one Autumn can wreak havoc on the roof decking along your eaves and your cornice trim.

This is why Tredegar Construction proudly offers Xtreme GutterGuards as an installation option. We understand how important time with your family and friends is in the Fall, and we hope this can remove time,stress, and danger from your yearly gutter cleaning regime.


What are Xtreme Gutter Guards?

Xtreme Gutter Guards are patented pieces of metal mesh specifically sized to ensure rain water is filtered into your homes drainage system and away from your home and foundation, while diverting potential clogging agents like leaves, pine needles, twigs, and more, away from from your home.

What are Xtreme Gutter Guards made of? What’s so special about their design?

1.    They are made of Stainless Steel Mesh:

Surgical grade material that resists corrosion and will withstand heavy exposure to the elements. Optimally sized mesh openings to protect from multiple types of debris, small animals,and insects.

2.    They have a patented “Hemmed-Mesh” Design

Their patented “hemming” process mechanically bonds the micro-mesh securely into the aluminum body. This creates a strong connection that will not come apart after years of weathering.

3.    Their proprietary Frame Structure

The smooth aluminum body prevents debris from sticking to the surface while providing a lightweight yet strong frame for the Xtreme Panels.

The Xtreme Gutter Guard Handles up to 60 Gallons of Water per Minute and protects against the following materials:

Leaves, Twigs, Oak Tassels, Rodents, Nests, Stagnant Water,Pine Needles, Shingle Debris, Asphalt Grit, Roof Granules, Pollen and More!


Why you need Xtreme Gutter Guards:

Gutter guards keep large debris from entering the gutter itself, instead of trapping it on the roof where it can gather and clog the drainage system. This saves you dangerous regular trips up a ladder to remove clogs, and expensive semi-annual (or more!) gutter cleaning bills!

Without Gutter Guards, debris gathers and there is the potential for damage, mold, and water intrusion. The weight of the debris(especially when it gets wet) can lead to the gutter or roof edge failing,leading to a significant roof repair or entire new gutter and drainage system.

This fall season, save your weekend afternoons for apple picking and pumpkin carving and ditch the gutter cleaning! Give Tredegar Construction a call today and we’ll get you set up with the best gutter product in the game!

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